Friday, April 27, 2012

Healing is a Process & Journey

This is a time for self-reflection and correction. 

 We have each accumulated unproductive negativity, pain, hurt, and disappointment. With this debris it is difficult to access a higher frequency of our energies. 

Healing is a journey requiring focus, practice and ritual. Change is a step by step process of internal spiritual cleansings through baths, readings/divinations and meditations. 

This is an ancient way of living.

In our modern times we have neglected the ancient truths.

To reconnect on a meaningful and productive level requires working internally. Change is individual and internal to manifest externally. This is a miraculous time if we reconnect to the ancient truths and wisdoms. Water therapies have been identified to stimulate healing. (University of Maryland Medical Center, 2011) 

Cleaning the spiritual body gives us more control over our lives. (Teish, 1985)

This year spiritual baths have become part of my daily life and that of my family and friends. With daily guidance from the Ancestors and Orishas customized baths are assisting each of us along this journey of self-actualization. Baths are customized daily.

The baths energize the water. The salt baths can assist in calming or self-reflection or remove negative energies or re-energizing, explained A.A

It is a process of baths to work with you step by step. Change is a step by step process. Spiritual baths assist in strengthening your internal guidance. 

It is a way to reconnect to Ancestral roots and guidance. 

 Diane Littles Spiritual Coaching/Consulting Baths & Reading Packages available. 

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