Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What am I seeking?

What am I seeking? When I asked for clarity today, this is what flowed. 

The issues I have with the church are the same issues I am now having with traditional spirituality. 

It is not God, the Orishas, the Ancestors or the Deities it is the human beings who manipulate spirit to attempt to control me. 

At this stage in life I am not looking to become like another person, culture etc. I am looking for the common thread that connects us across our diversity.  

Not interested in taking on other’s battles or to control others. 

In my interactions others try to remold, reshape, direct, indoctrinate and in some instances force through fear and intimidation to follow to join to become part of their world.

Since embarking on interacting with others spiritually this year, I have gained a greater appreciation for my African Ancestors that endured their time in America. 

I have deepened my respect for the trials and pains they endured and because of them; others of the African Diaspora have more advantages coming to this country. 

My Ancestors contributed to building this nation and making it a superpower.

My Ancestors made a home in a foreign land. 

As Africans from the continent, the Caribbean, Europe and all around the globe continue migrating here; we have much to learn from each other. 

So far it is only the Orishas that have not been foreign to me. From the first moment I learned of them, I felt a return home spiritually. 

I love the energies of the Orishas, it is how humans attempt to manipulate this knowledge to control others that bothers me, always has, always will. 

I love the energies of Native American wisdom I have studied. I feel God in nature, in babies, in my day to day. 

Do I ignore the warnings from my “spirit”? 

It is about humanity at this time in our evolution. 

Each tradition has contributions to the elevation of humanity. I am seeking understanding of spiritual traditions. 

It is about finding the commonality between all spiritual beliefs, faiths and walks of life that is the highest truth, the rest is dogma. 

We all have so much to learn, let’s focus on the learning. 

Spirit uses people and it is how you deal with it that matters. 

Your intentions guide the process, the journey.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Give the Gift of Forgiveness this Holiday Season

This holiday give the gift of forgiveness to yourself so you can give to others. This season if we act on the teachings of forgiveness that all cultures, faiths and religions espouse we could transform ourselves, families, communities and planet. This season let’s focus on the spiritual gifts. It is time to set aside our material obsessions and focus on our hearts. We each need love, we each need forgiveness. Unconditional love is a gift. We can only control our actions and thoughts. We can only control ourselves. Set my intention, practice forgiveness, and give unconditional love. This is my focus, this is my shift. I love this video, “Joy is a moral obligation to humanity.” Jack Kornfield provides concrete actions to guide us through the process of forgiveness, living with an open heart. Keep an open mind as you watch and listen to this video, The Ancient Heart of Forgiveness. Have a Joyous holiday season and New Year.