Monday, December 19, 2011

Give the Gift of Forgiveness this Holiday Season

This holiday give the gift of forgiveness to yourself so you can give to others. This season if we act on the teachings of forgiveness that all cultures, faiths and religions espouse we could transform ourselves, families, communities and planet. This season let’s focus on the spiritual gifts. It is time to set aside our material obsessions and focus on our hearts. We each need love, we each need forgiveness. Unconditional love is a gift. We can only control our actions and thoughts. We can only control ourselves. Set my intention, practice forgiveness, and give unconditional love. This is my focus, this is my shift. I love this video, “Joy is a moral obligation to humanity.” Jack Kornfield provides concrete actions to guide us through the process of forgiveness, living with an open heart. Keep an open mind as you watch and listen to this video, The Ancient Heart of Forgiveness. Have a Joyous holiday season and New Year.

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