Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why? Who? Education and the Blame Game

Who benefits from only 26% of students in NYC passing the new State exam?  The mis-education of our children continues.

Are we really surprised that only 26% of the children passed the State exam? 

Why did you trust the Mayor to do what was right by all children regarding education?

Why do you continue to trust a system that continues to destroy children of African descent generation after generation?

"Why did we accept another people labeling our children learning disabled and maladjusted? What happened to our critical analysis? Why do we let another people place labels on us? The destruction of our children is taking place because we have accepted without exception or critical analysis the definition of other people of their behavior. A people who have falsified our history and our arrogant enough to think they can label the behavior.... and then create programs to address what they labeled...." Dr. Amos Wilson.

Why do we keep allowing people whose salaries we pay, play with our children's minds? Why?  We have been doing this for generations.  Why?

Why are we playing the blame game?  Why do we allow our leadership to play the blame game?

26%!  So 74% will be food for the prison industrial complex.  Is that the game plan?

Public Education is ending; they are developing all the data to prove it doesn't work.  Know the game people. 

We better be ready to build, maintain, sustain and grow our own schools.

Time to see the handwriting on the wall!!

We continue to be powerless to provide our children a quality education to compete in this century.  

Dr. Amos Wilson:  You Reap What You Sow