Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Today I hear Ancestor James Baldwin 

compelling me to write these words as Ogun dictates to me.  

There is the ideology that taking government sponsored financial assistance allows the government to dictate one’s life.

Now this is strange because the money the government allocates to their citizens is their tax dollars. The enormous government contracts for private corporations in all industries are our tax dollars.

It is what guides our Foreign Policy – he who pays dictates.

Once the culture of Greed controlled this planet, we are left begging for necessities, health care, healthy food, safe shelter, clean water, meaningful work and quality education to produce citizens focused on the human tasks of building a better world for ALL Living Beings.

We are distracted by cheap entertainment valued way beyond its true value.

We buy such meaningless shit, while people go hungry, no clean water, no home, sick, displaced by war, and the list goes on. 

Shopping just to shop. 

Buy more stuff and more stuff and more stuff and more and more and more…..

The mindset of the “more money the more valuable something is”, controls our everyday lens in how we see ourselves and our world.

Who decides the value of things?  Did you or were you told?

70% of NYC students failed the standardized test.
70% of our students failed.

That means we FAILED 70% of NYC studentsThis is a systematic, societal, political and communal failure.  

We have allowed those who hate children to control our educational system.

And we wonder why our children are so angry?

There are so many people who dedicate their lives to educating children against the odds with little to no support.

There are many more that pimp the NYC Educational Industry.  That is what 70% failure rate tells me.

We must take control of our children’s education NOW.
  • Home Schooling
  • Owning & Managing Top Quality Child Care Centers that Affirm our children’s spirits.
  • Owning and Managing Top Quality Schools – Educational Institutions that nourishes all minds with the highest level of educational excellence that is needed to navigate this century while using the guidance of those who came before.

If we don’t, no one else will.

The government and corporate America have proven their priorities are Profits over People.

We did it before, built our own, nothing new, we can do it again.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

No Political Solutions to Spiritual Problems

"There are many things to be shared with the Four Colors
of humanity in our common destiny as one with our Mother the Earth.

It is this sharing that must be considered with great care by the
Elders and the medicine people who carry the Sacred Trusts,
so that no harm may come to people through
ignorance and misuse of these powerful forces."

Resolution of the Fifth Annual Meetings of the Traditional Elders Circle, 1980

Education is not limited to the classroom. God is not limited to the religious building.

We need wisdom we need elders to lead.  The adults lack wisdom; personal agendas dictate adult actions and decisions.  Adults have a limited understanding of time and generation.   Time focus is the present and immediate. 

Elder is not dictated by age, it is dictated by Wisdom knowing the Responsibility to those yet to be born.  

Leading doesn't mean elected office.

My deepest concern is the reality that there are no political solutions to spiritual problems.   

My current struggle with politics is the system.  No matter who we send into the system, the system controls them not us, not the people.  We are given a show to keep us pacified but our reality reveals another story.

Elected officials salaries are paid by the people, tax payer dollars.  However, private sector can contribute much more money and resources to elected officials than a tax payer’s salary.  We live in a system designed to maintain the true power structure that we do not see.  Their only concern is about stock holder profits. Only Focus is Profits, profits and more profits by any means necessary.

Language is so crucial we misuse words all the time.  There are consequences. We use the words great, love, genius, talented, excellence, intelligence, smart and leader carelessly. Lies are presented as truth.  Illusion sold as reality.

At this point, the only person in the race I see as a true fighter for the people is City Council Woman Tish James for Public Advocate.  A position that people should claim and fight to maintain. 

I am undecided for all other seats. 

How do we use the political structure to educate our children to be wise, healthy and conscious human beings?

How do we work with the political structure to maintain our communities with all this redevelopment of urban centers?

Is America adopting the European system?   The new structure, the wealth is in the cities and poverty in the suburbs, out of sight.

How do we
generate business and provide quality products and services within our communities to each other?

How do we rebuild our infrastructure and participate in the economics of that reconstruction?

What are the
responsibilities of individuals in our communities? What are the responsibilities of organizations?  What are the responsibilities of the elected officials?

How do we work the system to benefit our community?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why? Who? Education and the Blame Game

Who benefits from only 26% of students in NYC passing the new State exam?  The mis-education of our children continues.

Are we really surprised that only 26% of the children passed the State exam? 

Why did you trust the Mayor to do what was right by all children regarding education?

Why do you continue to trust a system that continues to destroy children of African descent generation after generation?

"Why did we accept another people labeling our children learning disabled and maladjusted? What happened to our critical analysis? Why do we let another people place labels on us? The destruction of our children is taking place because we have accepted without exception or critical analysis the definition of other people of their behavior. A people who have falsified our history and our arrogant enough to think they can label the behavior.... and then create programs to address what they labeled...." Dr. Amos Wilson.

Why do we keep allowing people whose salaries we pay, play with our children's minds? Why?  We have been doing this for generations.  Why?

Why are we playing the blame game?  Why do we allow our leadership to play the blame game?

26%!  So 74% will be food for the prison industrial complex.  Is that the game plan?

Public Education is ending; they are developing all the data to prove it doesn't work.  Know the game people. 

We better be ready to build, maintain, sustain and grow our own schools.

Time to see the handwriting on the wall!!

We continue to be powerless to provide our children a quality education to compete in this century.  

Dr. Amos Wilson:  You Reap What You Sow


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Success is in the Details

Candle by Blu Spirit

Step by step, stone by stone and brick by brick.  (Whitney Houston lyrics)

Our media, fast paced culture tends to confuse this reality with their non-stop hype.  The detailed work to produce an extraordinary show is what we need to focus on, not just the show.

The victory is in the details, in the step by step.  Media has us focusing on the “grandness” and being seduced by this illusion.  Yet the true work is in the ordinary, mundane details and completing tasks step by step.

Emotions snatch us up and we get caught in the wave of mass emotion.  Yet strategic planning is needed for you, your family, your career, and your goals.  Identifying and completing the step by step tasks is the only way to victory.
Daily observe the details of your present pathway.  Understand the flow that constantly changes.

We are reconstructing and building to create sustainable lives.

It Is That Simple And That Complex At The Same Time.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscopes

Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscopes: Patience and planning are going to be essential if you want to get anything done around the Full Moon in Aquarius on July 22, 2013. Read the Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscopes to see how your sign can best cope!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Guidance from Our Elder - Dr. Maya Angelou


Because we have forgotten our ancestors, our children no longer give us honor.


Vicissitudes” Underwater sculpture in Grenada in honor of African ... claireejones.wordpress.com

Because we have lost the path our ancestors cleared, kneeling in perilous undergrowth, our children cannot find their way.
Because we have banished the God of our ancestors, our children cannot pray.
Because the old wails of our ancestors have faded beyond our hearing, our children cannot hear us crying.

Slave being tortured (1839)

Because we have abandoned our wisdom of mothering and fathering, our befuddled children give birth to children they neither want nor understand.

Because their ancestors lived on isolated islands, the Gullah are considered to have retained more of their African roots and traditions than any group in America.

Because we have forgotten how to love, the adversary is within our gates, and holds us up to the mirror of the world, shouting, “Regard the loveless.”
Therefore, we pledge to bind ourselves again to one another,
Ø  To embrace our lowliest,
Ø  To keep company with our loneliest
Ø  To educate our illiterate
Ø  To feed our starving
Ø  To clothe our ragged,
Ø  To do all good things, knowing that we are more than keepers of our brothers and sisters.  We are our brothers and sisters.
In honor of those who toiled and implored God with golden tongues, and in gratitude to the same God who brought us out of hopeless desolation.

We make this pledge.
 Dr. Maya Angelou

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Out of Order

How do we address the same problems differently in the New Year?  How do we grow and 
elevate when we continue to disagree and disrespect each other?

We have so many challenges and issues as nation, as people and we continue to use the language of disrespect that prevents constructive dialogue. We demonize each other with words and pictures to justify our positions causing further polarity can only lead to violence.

Our maturity level disintegrates when we are in disagreement, convinced we are each completely right in our respective stances.

This doesn't contribute to consensus, resolution or a sustainable society.

How do you deal with corporations who displace people in order to plant trees to get UN environmental credits? That is not sustainability.

In this New Year and elevated Universal energy, tune in, shift challenge you to grow and expand your mind and spirit. 

We are all Divine having a human experience.  One is not superior to another.

This dominating destructive culture of fear, greed, profit over life, profit over nature, profit from misery, disease and death, violence, profit from violence, we are in spiritual decay and have altered the natural order. 

Our children are paying the price with their lives for our spiritual deafness.

We need to open to the Wisdom of the Ages.  
The murder of our children demands it. 

“…There are no political solutions, to spiritual problems….” A Native American Chief, 1876.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Though FaceBook is a valuable tool to communicate important information, thoughts, ideas and concepts; responding to a post is not enough to create change.

My concern is that we think it does.  We are in a critical time in history.  In order to understand why, Sankofa, as children of the African Diaspora we have so many questions to ask in order to learn.

The questions
 - How can I trust the interpretation of a Spiritual Belief System, Religion of those who conquered my Ancestors to ever be in my best interest?
- How can I trust their interpretation based on historical occurrences?

The consistent Answer based on history:

“When the Portuguese brought African slaves to Brazil in the 16th century, they imposed their authority and suppressed the religions, costumes, rituals, and all aspects of the culture of their African captives.

The Portuguese were interested only in the physical force of the slaves for hard work on the coffee and sugar cane plantations.   (Resource:  Capoeira Sul da Bahia -  http://www.suldabahiasf.org/?q=node/23)”

Why?  Why was it so important that the first strategy to creating a slave was to brutally suppress the religions, costumes, rituals, and all aspects of the culture of their African captives? 
What threat did captured Africans present by boldly living as Africans mean to Slavery?
Why was it a threat to building slavery?

The strength of the African culture remained with enslaved Africans in the presence of brutality.  It is the only way we survived by manifesting it, adapting it to current conditions, strengthening the connection and growing.

An argument in the justification of the Transatlantic Slave; “we gave them Christianity to save their souls.”

The fact that Americans and Europeans still believe to this day, that the benefit of slavery was the imposition of Christianity to “save our souls” is incredible to me.

This mentality or perspective gives birth to:


How do you navigate through a society with this mentality as its foundation?
What shifts and changes do we make?
Does this information create a change in your perspective?
What course of actions do we take?

One group – “The Community Colearning Cooperative meets every Tuesday to point out these often hidden necessities. We do this to train our minds and detox from the poison we have consumed.

Now that we can see better we have better direction to build an alternative economy that does not support businesses like planned parenthood or any of its subsidiaries, sponsors, promoters and the like.” https://www.facebook.com/CommunityColearningCooperative

What’s your perspective?  Does it change?
Does it remain the same?  What are your questions?