Saturday, February 2, 2013

Out of Order

How do we address the same problems differently in the New Year?  How do we grow and 
elevate when we continue to disagree and disrespect each other?

We have so many challenges and issues as nation, as people and we continue to use the language of disrespect that prevents constructive dialogue. We demonize each other with words and pictures to justify our positions causing further polarity can only lead to violence.

Our maturity level disintegrates when we are in disagreement, convinced we are each completely right in our respective stances.

This doesn't contribute to consensus, resolution or a sustainable society.

How do you deal with corporations who displace people in order to plant trees to get UN environmental credits? That is not sustainability.

In this New Year and elevated Universal energy, tune in, shift challenge you to grow and expand your mind and spirit. 

We are all Divine having a human experience.  One is not superior to another.

This dominating destructive culture of fear, greed, profit over life, profit over nature, profit from misery, disease and death, violence, profit from violence, we are in spiritual decay and have altered the natural order. 

Our children are paying the price with their lives for our spiritual deafness.

We need to open to the Wisdom of the Ages.  
The murder of our children demands it. 

“…There are no political solutions, to spiritual problems….” A Native American Chief, 1876.

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