Sunday, January 27, 2013


Though FaceBook is a valuable tool to communicate important information, thoughts, ideas and concepts; responding to a post is not enough to create change.

My concern is that we think it does.  We are in a critical time in history.  In order to understand why, Sankofa, as children of the African Diaspora we have so many questions to ask in order to learn.

The questions
 - How can I trust the interpretation of a Spiritual Belief System, Religion of those who conquered my Ancestors to ever be in my best interest?
- How can I trust their interpretation based on historical occurrences?

The consistent Answer based on history:

“When the Portuguese brought African slaves to Brazil in the 16th century, they imposed their authority and suppressed the religions, costumes, rituals, and all aspects of the culture of their African captives.

The Portuguese were interested only in the physical force of the slaves for hard work on the coffee and sugar cane plantations.   (Resource:  Capoeira Sul da Bahia -”

Why?  Why was it so important that the first strategy to creating a slave was to brutally suppress the religions, costumes, rituals, and all aspects of the culture of their African captives? 
What threat did captured Africans present by boldly living as Africans mean to Slavery?
Why was it a threat to building slavery?

The strength of the African culture remained with enslaved Africans in the presence of brutality.  It is the only way we survived by manifesting it, adapting it to current conditions, strengthening the connection and growing.

An argument in the justification of the Transatlantic Slave; “we gave them Christianity to save their souls.”

The fact that Americans and Europeans still believe to this day, that the benefit of slavery was the imposition of Christianity to “save our souls” is incredible to me.

This mentality or perspective gives birth to:

How do you navigate through a society with this mentality as its foundation?
What shifts and changes do we make?
Does this information create a change in your perspective?
What course of actions do we take?

One group – “The Community Colearning Cooperative meets every Tuesday to point out these often hidden necessities. We do this to train our minds and detox from the poison we have consumed.

Now that we can see better we have better direction to build an alternative economy that does not support businesses like planned parenthood or any of its subsidiaries, sponsors, promoters and the like.”

What’s your perspective?  Does it change?
Does it remain the same?  What are your questions?