Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Success is in the Details

Candle by Blu Spirit

Step by step, stone by stone and brick by brick.  (Whitney Houston lyrics)

Our media, fast paced culture tends to confuse this reality with their non-stop hype.  The detailed work to produce an extraordinary show is what we need to focus on, not just the show.

The victory is in the details, in the step by step.  Media has us focusing on the “grandness” and being seduced by this illusion.  Yet the true work is in the ordinary, mundane details and completing tasks step by step.

Emotions snatch us up and we get caught in the wave of mass emotion.  Yet strategic planning is needed for you, your family, your career, and your goals.  Identifying and completing the step by step tasks is the only way to victory.
Daily observe the details of your present pathway.  Understand the flow that constantly changes.

We are reconstructing and building to create sustainable lives.

It Is That Simple And That Complex At The Same Time.

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