Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Today I hear Ancestor James Baldwin 

compelling me to write these words as Ogun dictates to me.  

There is the ideology that taking government sponsored financial assistance allows the government to dictate one’s life.

Now this is strange because the money the government allocates to their citizens is their tax dollars. The enormous government contracts for private corporations in all industries are our tax dollars.

It is what guides our Foreign Policy – he who pays dictates.

Once the culture of Greed controlled this planet, we are left begging for necessities, health care, healthy food, safe shelter, clean water, meaningful work and quality education to produce citizens focused on the human tasks of building a better world for ALL Living Beings.

We are distracted by cheap entertainment valued way beyond its true value.

We buy such meaningless shit, while people go hungry, no clean water, no home, sick, displaced by war, and the list goes on. 

Shopping just to shop. 

Buy more stuff and more stuff and more stuff and more and more and more…..

The mindset of the “more money the more valuable something is”, controls our everyday lens in how we see ourselves and our world.

Who decides the value of things?  Did you or were you told?

70% of NYC students failed the standardized test.
70% of our students failed.

That means we FAILED 70% of NYC studentsThis is a systematic, societal, political and communal failure.  

We have allowed those who hate children to control our educational system.

And we wonder why our children are so angry?

There are so many people who dedicate their lives to educating children against the odds with little to no support.

There are many more that pimp the NYC Educational Industry.  That is what 70% failure rate tells me.

We must take control of our children’s education NOW.
  • Home Schooling
  • Owning & Managing Top Quality Child Care Centers that Affirm our children’s spirits.
  • Owning and Managing Top Quality Schools – Educational Institutions that nourishes all minds with the highest level of educational excellence that is needed to navigate this century while using the guidance of those who came before.

If we don’t, no one else will.

The government and corporate America have proven their priorities are Profits over People.

We did it before, built our own, nothing new, we can do it again.

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