Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Season of Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving season in America, Americans again disrespected and violated the spiritual essence of the season. The absolute disrespect for life over an inanimate non-living object is a violation of the laws of humanity. Is the Thanksgiving Season really about bargain shopping for Christmas? Only those who are “deaf to the Creator’s voice” can behave so poorly. Are we teaching our children that the value of the holiday season is discount shopping? All the wise ones and prophets have warned us throughout the ages about bad behavior, greed and violence. Or is behaving poorly part of the culture? When one examines “Reality Shows”, our fanaticism with celebrities, fashion, language, music, and how we treat ourselves and each other, one makes money and becomes famous by behaving poorly. Americans supports this economically by our choices in food, fashion, and entertainment. For guidance I defer to the elders who are the original caretakers for this land. http://www.nicoa.org/About_NICOA/spiritual/spiritual.html

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