Saturday, September 29, 2012

We Define Liberty Differently

We define Liberty differently.

The founding of this nation is violent, treacherous, and oppressive for the people who lived on this land for thousands of years, the African people enslaved to build this nation and its economy from the literal ground up.

The fact there is no respect shown to people who sacrificed to build this nation is tearing this country apart.

You cannot legislate how people feel.

This is the next level of the problem of race this nation faces – how do we really feel about each other.

It is clear that there is a significant constituency in this nation that benefited economically, socially and politically from the Political, Social, and Economic Institution of Slavery.  This Institution was supported by all three branches of this government – Executive, Judicial and Legislative sanctioned slavery.  Businesses were created to support the needs of this Institution.  Many companies exist to this day founded during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  

The consequences African families separated forever.

That had to be painful for our Ancestors to be forcibly removed from your home, your loved ones and your life.   The pain of being forced to give up your culture and not pass it down to your children.  That in order to survive you had to give up completely who you are as a human being takes strength to endure for generations.

Was that pain ever healed in our communities?  No and we suffer globally en masse.  All people were complicit in the treachery of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.   Those who dominated the trade economically – controlled it politically and socially.

Greed was the motivating factor, wealth, power and control.  Some say the Civil War never ended, and the Civil War was a complex war.  A new economic plan was developed over time to not be based on slavery but the oppression of the newly freed Africans remained.  A severe level of control had to be maintained regardless of the name.

Now there are Africans that benefited from this system.  There are still Africans that benefit from this system.    They are the few not the many.
Our Ancestors have information for us to guide us through this current existence with the social, economic and political battles being waged.

The founding of this nation did not include most people benefiting economically, socially or politically.  Coming from monarchies the principle issue of control remained packaged in an ancient form of governance Democracy. 

The essence of Democracy was taken from Native American and African people’s way of living.  European people’s way of living was in a dictatorship, monarchy and lacked responsibility for the masses.  The masses were there to serve the royalty and wealthy. 

A system designed to benefit a few.  Resources on the European continent had been depleted, new resources were required.

A system designed to benefit the many versus a system designed to benefit the few.

What kind of America do you want to live in? 

Wisdom is missing we chased the glitter and ignored the real goal.  Wisdom is missing. In times like these we need Wise Leaders and Wise followers.  

Leaders are only as strong as their followers. If the people are weak the leaders cannot be strong.  When leaders are cold and fearful they make decisions to benefit only a few. 

We are living in very dangerous times people are paranoid, fearful, and terrified.  The theology of lack is being rammed down people’s throats of all cultures.

It does take individual responsibility. We ALL must seek wisdom. 

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