Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How do you transform a poisoned society?

Toxic Algae Lake Eerie

How do you transform a poisoned society?

Poisoned spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically?

 How do you raise children, I mean really raise children to navigate a society that is designed to keep people ill, systematically kill them, and the illusion of wealth is the only goal?

 Celebrity and Fame are God.  We follow their every move, fascinated, fixated, loving the illusion.

 What kind of educational system do we need to create to prepare our children for a world where lies are the truth?  A society where fresh real food is a luxury.  Water is a luxury.  Housing is a luxury.

 A society where the job you aspire to get contributes to maintaining a poisoned society. 
Profit over People!

 How do you raise and educate children for society that we ourselves really have no idea how to navigate in a healthy manner?

 I keep hearing Honorable Marcus Moriah Garvey’s words of warning that have come to pass..
  If the Negro is not careful, he will drink in all the poison of modern civilization and die from the effects of it.”

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