Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Test for American Democracy

“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, find its mission, fulfill it or betray it” - Frantz Fanon

Profound words by Frantz Fanon that still hold true today. In a democracy engagement on a local level is what creates change.

Knowing history is important. Slavery was legalized into existence. The North won the Civil War but the South won Reconstruction and the state legalized terrorism that existed against black people continues. You need to watch the documentary-Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War, Directed by David Padrusch.

During the debates of Republican Candidates for President, the GOP cheered for Texas Governor Rick Perry’s execution record. No apologies whatsoever and the stated belief that this is what Americans want.

Again there is a strong cry for “states” rights. People are being led into confusion about why we need a Federal Government.

Know the history of this country for it is alive and well.

Why in 2011 are there 600,000 UNREGISTERED African Americans in the State of Georgia?

Democracy is not a spectator’s sport.

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