Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Questions and More Questions

Americans have been questioning the competence of government since the founding of America.

As we criticize the government and how it runs certain industries, let’s be clear that the private sector would not exist without the government and has had more than its fair share of failures and corruption.

Which comes to another question is failure the issue or the response to failure?
Governments like business is owned and operated by human beings. Human beings are fallible; we make mistakes all the time. Mistakes are cumulative. Perhaps life is just about responding to mistakes and failures.

So at this time we should call into competence the people of the nation. How do you handle mistakes and failures? Have we created the world we live in? What have we done to create what exists in this nation at this time? Has the US lived up to the noble ideas communicated by the Founding Fathers? Are you the best person you can be? Do we just measure value by material gains? In measuring value by the standard of material wealth, what kind of world do we create? Are only a few lives valuable? We need to ask ourselves more questions every day.

I am disturbed by what I see, read and hear. However, since human beings created this turmoil, violence, poverty, inequity, corruption, greed, materialism, economic crisis and sometime chaos, then we can also create the solutions. We know the solutions, but fear controls us. Throughout humanity's existence on this planet we have created the same problems generation after generation after generation for more than a millennia.

Somehow the words from my FaceBook’s app “On this Day God Wants You to Know” provides some guidance.
‘A person can transform, a situation can transform, even the planet can transform. Never lose hope. Under the proper conditions of love, faith, and belief, transformation is quite possible.’

More questions – How can I transform my current situation? What are the proper conditions of love, faith, and belief that can make transformation possible?

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