Thursday, January 19, 2012


This year at this point and time in history, we must focus on humanity. We must see the humanity in each other beyond the pain.

It requires the one who is injured to have a deeper Spiritual strength to forgive.

It requires each of us to be responsible for our thoughts, actions, words, deeds and intention.

The challenge is responsibility not just for ourselves and families and loved ones but strangers, enemies and those we may not even know exist. We are at the most incredible time in human history.

The level of responsibility that is required to move forward to a better world that is just requires wisdom because we are interdependent – rich or poor – black – white Asian-every tribe – every cultural community matters.

Life is a precious gift. How can one life be of more value than another? Why is one culture better than another?

Different is different it doesn’t designate superiority or inferiority.

The Quantum Activist, Dr. Amit Goswani, Ph.D. shares his knowledge and guidance on what each of us can do.

We are each responsible to create a better world for all of humanity and life on this planet. The basic questions for all of us that demand an honest response –
Do you respect the opposition’s humanity?
How do you find common ground if either party refuses to respect the other's humanity?

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