Tuesday, July 31, 2012



·        Could it be that the children committing violence against our community have no connection to our community?
·        What causes a child to grow to have no connection to their home land?
·        Who is responsible for the environment a child lives in?
·        Why is justification given for poverty for many and wealth for some?
·        What happens to child when they live in a reality that their life is worthless?

We are lost.
  Our children are lost.

We need to find our roots; our Ancestors are calling us to reconnect.  We have been running away from ourselves long enough.

We must see the strength of our Ancestors who endured the torture and terrorism of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the powerful economies that developed from it.  

Culture we must learn our culture. 

We must learn a new way of living.

Time for a new paradigm!
The Rebirth of our Ancestors!
What we are doing now isn’t working.

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