Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I share with you my outlook at this stage of my life being in my 40s. I see the older I get; the more I know I don’t know. Perfection no longer controls me. We live today with the coldness of perfection. We are challenged by the consequences of the actions of people being right. Our focus on perfection has caused us as humans to harm and kill countless precious souls throughout time on this planet. In keeping with the universal fact that as one matures you learn AND that less is more.

Here are my top 4 – One for each decade of my life

• My vision as a child I was the way things should be.
• I was critical and judgmental in my youth, because life is not the way I envisioned it to be.
• I fight against the reality of life and struggle to learn to endure the pain, disappointment, hurt and betrayals because life is not the way I envisioned.
• In my actions and thoughts I choose to live by seeing, appreciating and valuing the beauty and preciousness of life’s imperfections and pains to manifest Blessings and Miracles.

To explain my fourth bullet:
• In embracing that I am the co-creator of my life, I am totally responsible for my thoughts, words, deeds and actions with each breathe I take.

• I am responsible as a Human Being, to always pray to choose wisely and hear My Creator’s voice in all that I do and don’t do. (Wise is different from being right)

• The Time is Now for all of us to give Thanks with our daily actions for being Human.

• Endure the pain of being right. (Yes at this stage in life there is little joy in being right)

• Living the reality that freedom is not free.

• It is ok to not know.

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