Monday, May 28, 2012

Family - The Ancestors - Life

Gogo And The Ancestors Painting - Gogo And The Ancestors Fine Art Print - Marietjie Henning

Family, we are all challenged with the dynamics and demands.  We all have so much hurt feelings, miscommunications, pettiness, gossip and jealousy to deal with.  As I learn to live seeking Spiritual Guidance, The Ancestors have my focus on healing family wounds and reconnecting.

The doors are opened and I am learning about the words and actions that have caused so much hurt and pain.  As I learn my choice is do I embrace the gossip?  Does the gossip define me?  Why do people choose the gossip over knowing?

The Ancestors have a mandate heal the wounds, improve communications choose words that heal and comfort.  Choose understanding instead of judgment.  Act with compassion.  Parents nurture children, be mindful of your communications with each child.  Parents create the relationships between their children.

As we get older, we need to view our childhood as an adult, not through our childhood eyes with our childhood mind.  

As adults we know life is not black and white, but grey.  There are very few absolutes.  We have lived enough to have endured challenges, fallen, been overwhelmed and sometimes lost.  With this we can look back and see our parents as human beings instead of expecting perfection of mythical beings – Mom and Dad.

My Ancestors are guiding our family’s journey of healing and reconnection, this new generation; the babies must have a healthy loving family life.  We are all learning how to love.  We are all learning how to love ourselves and our families.  

We all have so much to learn.

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