Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Problems Increasing - Time to Check Yourself

When problems continue to increase then it is time to stop and look at yourself honestly.  It is time to ask yourself questions:

How am I contributing to these problems?

What are my thoughts?  Do I address people respectfully, and then curse them out in my head?  Do I say one thing when I really mean something else?  Is it always the fault of someone else? What are my illusions and delusions about me?

Is this my thought or what I have been told to think?  Is this my internal dialogue or am I repeating what I heard that sounds good?  Did I just yell at my children because I am frustrated or angry?  Did I argue with my partner because I feel scared or insecure about our relationship?  Do I judge people based on what I would do in the same situation?

One thing is for sure, we can’t create change with the same patterns of thinking, acting and living.  Did you check your intentions and internal dialogue today?  I did.  

I have so much work to do with me.

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