Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One of Today's Lessons

Artist-Kevin L. McIntosh

Learning how the Orisha work with me is a daily lesson.

Obatala is teaching me discernment is the way to maintain a calm cool head.  Today, Obatala showed me to stop, breathe and assess before reacting during a lesson from Oggun.

This is my continued prayer, Orisha please be gentle and kind with us as we learn and falter.  In this time in our evolution as human beings we must pray for each other.  It is no longer enough that I am “blessed and highly favored”; it is about my family, my community, my village, my country, humanity, my planet.

The Orisha come for community working through the individual.  Yet too often when things go wrong or we fear, the reaction is to attack someone or somethingToo often it is about revenge, control or manipulation. The Orisha are so much more.

I learned today about how they lovingly guide us, direct us and correct us.  Always keeping in mind there is no one true path.  
We each grow and learn differently journeying along different spiritual paths.  

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