Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ancestors and Healing Family Ties

The thorny branches on the monuments to the deities Osun and Eziza represent the realm of the unknown. Photograpy from Wild Spirits: Strong Medicine,page 62, photo and copyright Norma Rosen

Our families are challenged with broken relationships, miscommunications, hurt feelings, childhood wounds and the Ancestors are there to help us heal.

I am learning of the interdependence with my Ancestors and my family

I have so many questions.  Do we control our destinies by opening our hearts? Is that the place we
Connect with the Ancestors
Connect with the Orisha?

Is it unlimited manifestations?

What guides the manifestation?  Our intentions we have to always check our intentions. 

We are human and it’s so easy to give in to fear.  Flowing learning the flow the resolution I seek. 

As I think about the challenging times and emotional struggle of caring for a loved one who becomes incapacitated I remember how terrified I was then.  My mom internally taught me to be strong with the way she lived day to day. 

No matter how stupid I was to internally criticize as a child and now, Treasure as an adult.

Our intentions how we view our Blessings either builds the Blessing or not.

We elevate the Divine in our Ancestors and the Deities who come to walk with us with our intentions and actions and meditations as we journey through the unknown.

I have so much to learn.


  1. I like this one just needs an altar and to recite these words. Nice

  2. Thank you obsidian for your feedback. You can start off with a small altar and build as you go. Start with water and any pictures you may have of your Ancestors, flowers, candy.

    My altar is on top of my entertainment center. Others have a small table.