Thursday, June 7, 2012

Does Fear Dictate Our Society?

Slave Rebellion in Haiti

How we each deal with perceived conflict, hurt feelings, betrayal, and fear determines everything?

When we continue to choose fear we limit ourselves. My Godmother constantly told me fear is an illusion. I am still learning what that means.

Fear is an illusion. Fear feels so real. Our reaction to fear is real. 

Fear is used to control. Fear is used to dominate. One dominates another based on fear. What happens when fear is the foundation of a relationship?

What happens when fear is the foundation of a society?

What happens when fear dictates your actions? 

I can only come to understand by dealing with my fears. In my solitude I gain understanding of myself, allowing me to gain understanding of others. My thoughts today are about this time of Pluto in Capricorn is an awesome time for transformation.

Individual transformation creates the transformation in society. We really are the change we seek. That is a Universal truth.

Beyond our differences we are all human beings. Life on this planet has existed for millions of years.
Why do we think we have all the answers?

Our current time is proof we do not. Did I allow fear to guide me today? Did you allow fear to guide you today?

How do we heal from the trauma, pain and violence of war?

So many communities are bombarded by violence.

The children of the world suffer and suffer greatly.  

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