Monday, June 4, 2012

Mothers - Mother Nature - Yemaya - Oshun

Oshun & Yemaya

The energies of water are powerful, water is Life.  Orishas and The Ancestors work with Water.  The Universe works with the vibration of water.

Libation is our way of working with water energy with the Universe, The Orishas & The Ancestors.
The water Deities Yemaya and Oshun are nurturing, healing and powerful.  Spend time at the River or Ocean sitting quietly in prayer and then meditation. 

Take your troubles to Yemaya and Oshun and seek guidance on the internal changes you need to make. 

Spiritual work is about you working on yourself, cleansing fears, doubts, anger, insecurities all those energies that hold you down and 
block your Blessings from coming in. 

Take those negative emotions to the water to be cleansed. 

Listen for your guidance, listen very carefully the signs are subtle and come from nature.
The flow of the River and the Power of the Ocean are the essence of life.
Water on the altars and shrines allow for 2 way communication with the Deities and Ancestors

Clean water on the altars assists the communication. 

As always clear and honorable intentions create abundance and prosperity that is sustainable.

Photo courtesy of Antoine Hubert

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