Saturday, June 2, 2012

Libation for Life

You can’t walk this life journey alone.  

We need our Ancestors, our Creator, and Deities to guide us.  

They need us too it is an interdependent relationship.

Libation is giving to your Ancestors and Deities, the Universe & Mother Earth.  

It is a way of communing and communicating showing appreciation, giving light and love, a way to connect.

As I grow in my relationship with my Ancestors and Orishas my libations are daily. 

For me the pouring of libation is a way to directly connecting. 
It is a quiet time, a sacred time an action that confirms I am not alone. 

It calls me to always increase in my awareness for the signs of their Guidance.  The signs can be subtle, so I must remain conscious and alert.

I pour libation to give thanks, honor and praise for Divine Light for my Ancestors for all Blessings Known & Unknown.

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